TitanMen.com – Overheated

As he waits for Cavin to return to their car, Adam Killian wakes up to the sight of bearded stud Damien Stone. The tattooed Adam soon has his face in Damien’s groin, sniffing and teasing the tan and hairy stud’s huge cock before wrapping his lips around it. Adam chokes as he works up a spit-dripping mess, soon getting his own big piece worshipped. The two cum, a huge load coating Damien’s quad as an out-of-breath Adam buries his face in his bud’s chest. A smiling Cavin returns and inserts himself between them, sucking on Damien and getting fucked hard by Adam. With his big balls hanging low, Cavin stays hard as he gets rammed, the veins on his neck and forehead bulging as he feasts on Damien. The three grunt and groan, the two tops soon switching positions. Cavin then sits down on Adam as Damien snaps his boner up while watching. Damien fucks Cavin from behind, sucking on Adam before squirting. Adam gets another crack at Cavin’s ass before two more loads end the aggressive action.



TitanMen.com – Impulse

Jessy Ares, Adam Killian and Shay Michaels show off their underwater talents, sucking each other in the pool as the sun and blue hues dance across their muscular bodies. After some ass eating, Jessy dumps his load in the pool before his buds stroke off on the lawn. Hairy Shay then gets rammed by Jessy while slurping on Adam. The verbal bottom (“Stretch me out… balls deep! Spit on me!”) whips his boner on Jessy’s stomach, then punches the top’s pec. Adam fucks Shay doggie style, the bottom’s jock ass rippling as he gulps Jessy’s beast. Adam pins the grunting Shay to the ground, the top’s muscular back and ass filling the frame as he reaches over to suck Jessy — who then gets behind his buds and slides inside for a hot fuck chain, the tan and tattooed Adam grinding between them. Adam gets both of his holes stuffed as Jessy continues to fuck him, the three squirting again as an excited Adam writhes in pleasure.



RagingStallion.com – Cock Tease

Ripped, inked muscle stud Adam Killian asks if Caleb Colton is interested in “switching it up.” Adam grips the enormous bulge in his camo shorts then shreds his wifebeater, makes an impromptu gag with it, and tongue-fucks Caleb’s mouth through the gag. The bulge morphs into a maxed-out hardon aimed at Caleb’s mouth. The hairs on Adam’s chest stand on end as Caleb revels in the fat cock he has to suck. They kiss wetly, Caleb rims Adam’s armpits, then Adam commands him to crawl onto a bench. Adam’s rimming leaves both men quivering as if hit by an earthquake. Adam cock-surfs Caleb’s crack so his ass will know what massive meat is about to sunder his innards, then he delivers the thrust, all the way to the hilt. A flickering fire in the window casts its glow on bodies basted with spit and sweat. The fucking is wild and untamed. Adam hooks his calf around one of Caleb’s thighs, and pounds harder. Tongue-fucking Caleb’s ear, Adam flattens him to the ground. When Caleb needs relief from the intensity, Adam loops himself through a huge dangling hoop, suspended like a gymnast whose acrobatics are driven by a tongue in his ass. Then Adam resumes the fuck, pile-driving to dual gushing, noisy orgasms.



Blog Flashback: GuySpy Feature

Article featured at http://guyspy.com on November 15, 2012.  Written by David Toussaint


The morning I spoke with Adam Killian he was on the set of his latest porn flick, as geared up to do our interview as he was to do Rod Daily, his latest co-star. Seems Daily’s been on Adam’s sex radar for ages, and the two have been tangled up in a series of back-to-back clips.

“He was very impressive,” says Adam, who gets as excited talking about his work as the rest of us do watching it. “We’ve been wanting to do a scene for years, and we pretty much went at it.”

If you know Adam’s work, going “at it” is almost an understatement. He flips his men and his positions, he roughhouses like the bad boy in the locker room, uses his tongue like a drill—which could also describe another part of his anatomy—and revels in animalistic, primal sex. Oh yeah, and he’s got a butt to beg for.

“I’ve always been an ass man,” laughs Adam when I mention how much he shows it off. “The most sexual thing in a guy for me is the ass; I’m ass-focused; my ass is my own favorite feature. It’s a good body part to play with and to see; I’m much more of an ass guy than a cock guy.”

Adam may have left the garden long ago, but judging by his visibility in the adult film world over the past four years, the 37-year-old tattooed hunk has planted firm roots east of Eden. He’s never signed an exclusive contract, he directs and films, and he worked behind the scenes way before he put his Italian/Irish behind in front of the camera. He also gets to choose his own partners, a rarity in the adult film business.